Monday, July 21, 2014

The war in Gaza

It has been said that history repeats itself although not in exact form. The latest events in Paris, in Germany, in England and parts of the US are reminiscent of 1933 Germany. The sseds of anti-Semitism have been planted in European soil and unfortunately these seeds are coming back to fruition., The West has lost its core values and its soul  and therefore has no right to pontificate about the killing of children and women in Gaza who have been used as a human shield by their leaders. I have not seen Obama, Merkl or Hollander condemning such atrocities performed by the leaders of this entity called Gaza or Hamas.
Instead we hear from Obama that he is concerned about civilian casualties in Gaza and asks Israel to control itself.  I cannot believe my ears! Can't he see that Hamas rockets were intended to kill as many Israeli Jews as possible without discrrimination? Unlike Israel which holds life as sacred, unlike the jihadists who seek death for their children and are proud of it??? Is the West blind to this  Jidhadist tradition or it is afraid to contemplate it?  What if New York is bombed randomly and he would retaliate to defend his citizens, the elementary obligation of any state to its citizens, would ke care about women and children? and yet Israel does as it did in prevfious wars!  Mr. Obama, you cannot teach morality in battle to the Jews. Morality is embedded in their scriptures.  As a baby boomer I am reminded of the American war in Vietnam.  No such call was put out by any American President as to the killing of innocent civilians in Vietnam. If I were to go back in history, the white man now Americans bear the responsibility for killing  more than 12 million American Indians, women and children included. American history is replete of such incidents. I wonder what Western leaders would do if their country, their whole country not one city,  is exposed to rockets around the clock???!!!  And their children would have 30 seconds of 90 seconds to run for shelter?  All the condemantions came as geneal statements but nothing to eradicate the new world threat called Islamic and Jihadists terrorism. This terrorism one day and this may not be in the too  distant future will engulf the European continent and the West in general. None of these are paying heed to the intentions and actions of the new Muslim settlements in Europe or the US. The West is dormant and by the time it awakens it may be too late. The late professor Huntington already in the 90s called the confrontation between Islam and the West among others, the Clash of Civilizations  and it may be inevitable.
The Islamists today are  frustrated by their lack achievements that they  look to destroy the others as compensation.  Today is Israel tomorrow will be  the West. Their  emerging agenda is the one of the Middle Ages at the time of their prophet who marched from the Arabian peninsula to occupy North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe until he was stopped there. Yes, all the Middle East and North Africa is an occupied territory which Islam occupied about 1400 years ago long after the Jews were a nation!!!

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